Study Abroad

For those considering study abroad…

Many Comparative Literature students study abroad. We actively encourage this experience. International study can be enlightening and fulfilling, both personally and academically. Although study abroad requires some planning ahead, we believe the benefits are well worth the effort for most students.

Berkeley Study Abroad (BSA) is a University of California, system-wide program. Located in 160 Stephens Hall, BSA is the office on campus that administers education abroad for Berkeley students, and there are BSA Advisers ready to assist you in planning your overseas program. One of the advantages of this program is that the courses you take transfer straight to your Berkeley transcript, and grades you receive on BSA are calculated into your UC GPA. Moreover, you pay Berkeley fees and continue to be eligible for most financial aid. Special need-based BSA scholarships are available.

Non-BSA Programs: The Office of Undergraduate Admissions offers some help to students who want to participate in non-BSA programs. The office at 110 Sproul provides advising during scheduled “drop-in” hours and has some brochures, but much of the reference material (even on non-BSA programs) is kept in the BSA library in Stephens Hall.

The Department of Comparative Literature will expect you to make normal degree progress and will review your standing before approving a semester or year abroad. The courses taken abroad that we accept must be equivalent to those offered at Berkeley. The student is responsible for bringing back official transcripts, course descriptions, and reading lists that will aid Comparative Literature advisors in evaluating acceptable coursework. It goes without saying that conversation or “culture” courses cannot be applied toward the requirements for the undergraduate major. The college of Letters and Science will decide the total unit credit the student receives.