All Comparative Literature majors are invited to conduct honors research as long as they meet the following criteria:

  • at least a 3.55 general grade point average and a 3.65 grade point average in the major 

  • at least second-semester junior year standing 

  • completion of most, if not all, major coursework [including COMLIT 100, 151-170 and 190 (could be concurrent) and primary literature]

Award of Honors

Completion of the requirements listed above guarantees eligibility.

Upon completion of the thesis, the final recommendation for honors in the department - honors, high honors, highest honors -  is made by the faculty thesis advisor and confirmed by the Undergraduate Major Advisor and/or the Department Chair.

If you are interested in pursuing an honors thesis, please complete the following steps:

(1) Learn more about what it’s like to complete an honors thesis from four Comparative Literature graduates on this FAQ page, then

(2) read the document “Pursuing an Honors Thesis” linked here.

(3) Next, scan the Prospectus (application) document, then 

(4) contact the Undergraduate Major Advisor to discuss next steps (complituga@berkeley.edu).