Program Requirements


In addition to the University, campus, and college requirements, listed on the College Requirements tab, students must fulfill the below requirements specific to their major program.

General Guidelines

  1. All courses taken to fulfill the major requirements below must be taken for graded credit, other than courses listed which are offered on a Pass/No Pass basis only. Other exceptions to this requirement are noted as applicable.  However, language courses that prepare students for the upper division literature courses (such as French 1-4, 102 and Spanish 1-4, 25) may be taken for P/NP.
  2. No more than one upper division course may be used to simultaneously fulfill requirements for a student’s major and minor programs.
  3. A minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 must be maintained in upper division courses used to fulfill the major requirements.

For information regarding residence requirements and unit requirements, please see the College Requirements tab.

Upper Division Requirements

Course List
Code Title Units
COM LIT 100 Introduction to Comparative Literature 4
COM LIT 190 Senior Seminar in Comparative Literature 4
Select one period course of the following: 4
COM LIT 151 The Ancient Mediterranean World  
COM LIT 152 The Middle Ages  
COM LIT 153 The Renaissance  
COM LIT 154 Eighteenth- and 19th-Century Literature  
COM LIT 155 The Modern Period  
COM LIT 165 Myth and Literature  
COM LIT 170 Special Topics in Comparative Literature  
Primary (formerly referred to as “major”) literature: select at least three upper division courses, with readings in the original language.     ~12
Secondary (formerly referred to as “minor”) literature: select at least two upper division courses, with readings in the original language and selected to fit the student’s period of primary interest.   ~8

The faculty have pre-approved the primary and secondary literature courses, and a comprehensive list of such courses being offered in the upcoming semester are sent to students in the major via the student listserve; consult with the major advisor for more details.