Courses - Featured

Episodes in Literary Cultures
Thinking about Sexuality with Novels
Course No: 20B
Course Catalog No: 31336
Instructor: Michael Lucey
Days: Tu/Th
Time: 9:30-11
Location: 70 Evans
Forms of the Cinema
The Anti-Hollywood: Global Neorealist Cinema
Course No: 41E
Course Catalog No: 33310
Instructor: Marianne Kaletzky
Days: MWF
Time: 4-5
Location: 88 Dwinelle
Topics in Comparative Literature
"Conspiracy to Corrupt" America--Through Art & Culture? Frankfurt School Literary & Aesthetic Engagements
Course No: 170
Course Catalog No: 31338
Instructor: Robert Kaufman
Days: Tu / Th
Time: 2-3:30
Location: 215 Dwinelle