Courses - Featured

Studies in East-West Literary Relations
Traveling Fictions
Course No: 254
Course Catalog No: 30973
Instructor: Barbara Spackman
Days: W
Time: 2-5
Location: 4104 Dwinelle
Introduction to Comparative Literature
Media and Realism
Course No: 100D (meets the Intro/100 requirement)
Course Catalog No: 30976
Instructor: Miryam Sas
Days: Tu/Th
Time: 11-12:30
Location: 4104 Dwinelle
Eighteenth- and 19th-Century Literature
Nobodies and Somebodies: Equality, Statistics, and Democratic Politics and Poetics in the Nineteenth Century
Course No: 154
Course Catalog No: 30926
Instructor: Michael Lucey
Days: Tu/Th
Time: 11-12:30
Location: 200 Wheeler