Sophie VOLPP

Chinese, French, English
16th-19th centuries
Academic Area: 
Chinese literature

Research Areas

Chinese literature of the Ming and Qing dynasties


Sophie Volpp specializes in Chinese literature of the sixteenth through nineteenth centuries. Research interests include Chinese fiction and drama as well as autobiographical writing. Her book Worldly Stage: Theatricality in Seventeenth-Century China (Harvard, 2011) concerns the ideological niche occupied by the theater in seventeenth-century China. Her book in progress, The Substance of Fiction:  Literary Objects in Ming-Qing China (1550-1750) examines a series of fictional objects, asking how we might read canonical texts differently if we were to think about fictional objects from the point of view of material culture -- and how we might read historical objects differently were we to read them with the habits of mind carved in us by late-imperial fiction.