Simona Schneider

English, Russian, French, Arabic with reading ability in German, Italian, Spanish
Modern & Contemporary
Academic Area: 
Poetics, Film Theory & Production, Lyric Theory, Critical Theory

Research Areas

Having translated from Russian, Arabic, and French and being unwilling to choose only one national language and literature as her sole focus, she seeks to translate between film and lyric theory, describing a receptive position that she calls "Lyric Spectatorship" in case studies ranging from silent film to digital video. She finds incorporating creative writing in the film and literature classroom to be indispensable in getting students to think about poesis as the imagination of possibilities and a process of world-building.


Simona Schneider is a Ph.D. Candidate in Comparative Literature and Film & Media at UC Berkeley, where she is also completing a Master’s Degree in English with Emphasis in the Creative Writing of Poetry.