Pedro Hurtado Ortiz

Research Areas

I'm a PhD Candidate in Comparative Literature and the D.E. in Critical Theory working on modern Anglo-American, French and Latin American literatures. My dissertation, The Literary Origins of the Middle Class in Argentina (1885-1946), is a study of the category known as the middle class, its emergence in literary culture, and the transformation of Argentine society from a binary to a three-part structure. My aim in the dissertation is twofold: to understand how dynamics of class composition find their way into the content and form of important literary texts, and to show how these literary texts contribute to dynamics of class composition. Historians and social scientists have long debated when and how this important class fraction achieved political self-consciousness. I argue that the poetry of Almafuerte (Pedro Bonifacio Palacios), the novels of Roberto Arlt, and the short stories of Jorge Luis Borges illuminate this debate and allow us to observe the gradual coming into being of the middle class as an analytic category and a political identity. Other research interests include moral philosophy, the history and theory of the novel, and legal theory.