Michael Nagler (PhD 1966)

I got my Phd in Comp. Lit in 1966 -- when the action was -- and had already joined the faculty as an acting Asst. Prof.  My love of literature and culture has never waned, but I began to feel that I might have a more direct contribution to the well-being of humanity, which I think has been borne out.  I took VERIP (early retirement) to concentrate on 'recall' teaching in the Peace and Conflict Studies Program, where I taught courses on nonviolence, meditation, and the meaning of life (a sophomore seminar) for some fifteen years.  I had already founded, with some friends, the Metta Center for Nonviolence, back in 1982, and left campus life in 2007 to devote all my activities to that center.  Our office today is in Petaluma, CA, near the meditation center in W. Marin where I live.  I have spoken for the UN and many campus and other venues, most recently at Stanford; we have two community radio programs where I do 'The Nonviolence Report' on the burgeoning developments in nonviolence.  Our books have been translated and seen good use in Arabic, Chinese, Korean and other languages.  We maintain a series of mostly online courses, including a six-month certificate course on nonviolence, and are currently involved in two major projects; a book, The Third Harmony, that will be published by Berrett-Koehler, and a film, The Journey Home, which is central to a multi-year trans-media campaign to bring nonviolence into the mainstream of our national life.  Inshallah.

Our website, with a section on the science of nonviolence and other useful features, is www.mettacenter.org.