Reading and Composition (R&C)

R1B.001: The Novel as Selfie: Twenty-First- Century Autofiction

Tu/W/Th 01:00-03:30 233 Dwinelle Instructor: Taylor Johnston

Instructor: Taylor Johnston

R1B Session A:  May 22nd-June 30th.

Just as the twenty-first century has been defined as a self-centered age, so some of its most distinctive novels are often called selfish, entitled, narcissistic, gauche, indulgent, or just plain annoying. In this reading and composition course, we will reconsider some of these accusations. » read more »

Course Catalog Number: 11272


N 60.002AC: Topics in the Literature of American Cultures

Mourning in America: Protest, Propaganda, and Prayer

Tu/W/Th 01:00-03:30 205 Dwinelle Instructor: Kathryn Crim

Session D:  July 3rd-August 11th.

In 1984, Americans watching TV were likely to see an ad proclaiming: “It’s Morning Again in America.” The spot showed the sun rising over idyllic agricultural landscapes, people leaving their suburban homes, cities full of men and women headed to work. » read more »

Course Catalog Number: 11275