Travel and entertainment reimbursement forms.

If you are giving us travel reimbursement receipts, please be sure to include:

 ​1. Full Itinerary – (round trip)  complete with your name, destination and proof of payment

Otherwise, your reimbursement will take longer as we wait for you to get these items to us.

For entertainment:

1.  Please include e-mailed guest list and number of guests.

For other reimbursements:

1.  Please include PROOF OF PAYMENT in full – otherwise your reimbursement will take longer for you to send us that information.
Please do not give us a lot of different reimbursement requests together – travel, entertainment, misc –
it takes a lot of time to figure this all out and this is time you are taking away from your colleagues who do organize their receipts for reimbursement.  ​

Three categories — separate reimbursement processes:

1.  Travel-related expenses

2.  Entertainment

3.  Misc reimbursements – for example, books, memberships, etc.​