I am a Ph.D. candidate who joined Berkeley’s Department of Comparative Literature in 2012. My interests include nineteenth-century realism in the French, Italian, British, and American traditions, the fate of realism in postmodernism, postwar and contemporary American fiction, creative writing, and Critical Theory (my Designated Emphasis). My dissertation examines the appropriation of realist style in postwar American fiction of the lower middle class.

Though I’m originally from San Diego, I received a B.A. in English and American Literature (2007) and an M.A. in Italian Studies (2010) from Middlebury College. Before beginning my graduate studies at Berkeley, I taught English at the Luca Pacioli Technical Institute in Lombardy (2007-8) and Italian at “La Scuola” International School, San Francisco (2008-12) as part of their early childhood education program.

Reading and Composition courses taught:

“Reading and Writing Other People” (Fall 2016)

“The Art in Artifice” (Fall 2015)

“Literature in the Age of Ritalin” (Spring 2015)

“Reading Performance” (Fall 2014)

“Alternative Worlds” (Spring 2014)

“Eavesdropping and Surveillance in Literature” (Fall 2013)