Philip Gerard is a PhD candidate in Comparative Literature at UC Berkeley as well as a member of Berkeley’s Program in Critical Theory. His work focuses on comparative Anglo-American, German, and French modernism, especially poetry, and on issues of translation. His dissertation, “A Translation including History: Ezra Pound, Paul Celan, and the Rhythms of the Past” examines how the formal innovations of modern poet-translators develop critical resources for containing and articulating histories of destruction. In addition to Berkeley, Philip has studied at Columbia University, at the Freie Universität in Berlin, and at the École normale supérieure in Paris, where he also worked as a “tuteur” and translator for those forcibly displaced and seeking political asylum.

Courses Taught at UCB
– Comp Lit 170 “Dramas of Queer Kinship,” TA for Professor Judith Butler
– Comp Lit R1B “Bad Debts”
– Comp Lit R1B “Landscapes”
– Comp Lit R1B “Complicity”
– German 1, Elementary German Language