Jocelyn Saidenberg is a Ph.D. candidate in Comparative Literature at the University of California, Berkeley. Her research focuses on ancient Greek, Latin, and contemporary Anglophone poetry and is informed by her interests in linguistics, social anthropology, and psychoanalysis. Her dissertation is an elaboration of Lucretius’s atomic poetics that explores the relationship between didactic poetry’s transformational capacity and sonic and linguistic patterning.  She also writes on contemporary poetry and art and has several published collections of poetry.

Courses taught

UC Berkeley:

Comp Lit 170: “Dramas of Queer Kinship,” TA for Professor Judith Butler

Comp Lit R1B “Shipwrecked Texts”

Comp Lit R1A “The Deep End: Katabasis and Fictions of the Abyss”

Classics 10 “Greek Civilization,” TA for Professor Mark Griffith

Prison University Project at San Quentin:

“Introduction of Film” Summer 2014

“Creative Writing” Summer 2016


“In This Skin of Mutuality: Rituals of Mourning in NourbeSe Philip’s Zong!” University of

Buffalo, Poetics Conference, April 9-10, 2016.

Selected Publications


“Notebooks on Notebooks,” SFMOMA, Open Space, Fall 2016

Interview with Bruce Boone for “New Narrative as Social Practice,” special issue of ON Poetics,

Winter, 2017

“The Shell of the Flown Bird,” Oberon 3, Winter 2017

Poetry Collections:

Dead Letter, Roof Books, New York (2015)

Shipwreck, commissioned by Second Floor Projects, San Francisco, CA (2013)

Negativity, commissioned by Lyn Hejinian, Atelos Press, Berkeley, CA (2009)

Dispossessed, Belladonna Collective, New York, NY (2007)

Dusky, Belladonna Collective, New York, NY (2002)

Cusp, winner of the Frances Jaffer Award, and the American Academy of Poets

Greenwald Prize, Kelsey Street Press, Berkeley, CA (2001)

Mortal City, Parentheses Writing Series, San Diego, (1998)