Jane came to Berkeley in 2009 from Washington, DC after teaching English and Latin at The Field School. A native New Yorker, she received her B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania in English and Classics and she continues to work in those areas as a graduate student. She focuses on the reception of Greek in Early Modern English literature and the intersection between scholarship and poetics. She is particularly interested in issues of textual recovery, imitation and representations of community. Other guiding fields of interest are: history of the book, dialogue, genre, philosophy and literature, structures and practices of reading, Hellenistic and Second Sophistic Greek literature, and travel narratives.


Courses Taught:

“Nostalgia: ‘It Isn’t What it Used To Be’”
“Speak of the Devil: Representing the Devil in Literature”
“Lost in a Book”
“The Exquisite Horror of Literature”
“Magic, Metamorphosis, & the Artistic Imagination.”