Frank Bezner, Classics (and Program in Medieval Studies) – specializes in medieval and early-modern Latin literature and intellectual history. A major area of his research lies in the so-called “Renaissance of the Twelfth Century”, a crucial phase in the history of post-classical Latin literature: here, his his publications include a book on allegory and literary theory in the 12th century (Vela Veritatis, Brill, 2005) and articles on Abelard, hagiography, or the reception of Plato. A second research interest lies in a genealogy of early-modern historiography – a field in which he co-edited a volume (Zwischen Wissen und Politik, Heidelberg: Winter, 2011) and published a monograph on a 16th century history written by a Benedictine monk; this book – which includes a critical edition with translation and commentary, an analysis of the transmission of the work, and an interpretation of the rhetorics of historicity within the text –  illustrates his interest in material philology understood as an integration of philology and literary/cultural criticism. Most of his courses are meant as offers to students to explore the “terra incognita” of medieval and early-modern (Latin) literary culture; topics include: medieval allegory; Abelard and Heloise; genealogies of desire in the Middle Ages; introduction into medieval Latin literature; material philology (paleography, codicology). (Ph.D.University of Tuebingen)