Gail Ganino

Gail works mainly with Comparative Literature Professors and Grad Students. She looks forward to commencement each year—delicious strawberries, madeleines and champagne.

Anatole (Tony) Soyka

Tony serves as the undergrad adviser for for Comparative Literature, and as preparation for this exciting position, he is also world traveler and adventurer, Tony has visited Peru, Alaska, Nepal, Turkey and Iceland, along with meeting numerous relatives in Belarus. He also regularly backpacks into the distant mountains and woods of California, where he claims to have had an encounter with Bigfoot.  A musician since childhood, he plays a variety of instruments, including saxophone, guitar, piano, and bass.   His favorite authors include Nabokov and Dostoyevsky.

Lauren Taylor

Responsible for departmental tenure reviews, merit and promotion reviews, recalls, recruitment, retention, and appointment of all visiting and temporary faculty for French and Comparative Literature.  Also assists with the coordination of GSI appointments, as well as appointment and arrival of visiting faculty and scholars.