Katie Kadue (PhD 2017) has won the 2018 Charles Bernheimer Award, given by the American Comparative Literature Association.  The title of her dissertation is “Domestic Georgic from Rabelais to Milton.”  Alumni of the Berkeley Department of Comparative Literature have now won the award 7 years in a row and 10 times since 2005: 

2017:  Kristin Ann Dickinson:  “Translation and the Experience of Modernity: A History of German Turkish Connectivity.”

2016:  Ramsey McGlazer:  “Old Schools: Modernism, Pedagogy, and the Critique of Progress”

2015:  Tristram Wolff: “Romantic Etymology and Language Ecology”

2014:  Shaul Setter:  “After the Fact: Potential Collectivities in Israel/Palestine”

2013:  David Simon (Honorable Mention): “Careless Engagements: Literature, Science, and the Ethics of Indifference in Early Modernity”

2012:  Lily Gurton-Wachter:  “Keeping Watch: Wartime Attention and the Poetics of Alarm around 1800”

2010:  Elizabeth Young:  “The Mediated Muse: Catullan Lyricism and Roman Translation”

2006:  Irene Perciali (Honorable Mention):  “Personifying Capitalism: Economic Imagination, the Novel, and the Entrepreneur”

2005:  Shaden Tageldin:  “Disarming Words: Reading (Post)Colonial Egypt’s Double Bond to Europe”