• Judith Butler on “The Human Condition”

    Here is a talk delivered by Comparative Literature professor Judith Butler in Barcelona last year.

  • Featured Course: Professor Sophie Volpp’s CL190 on Interiority

    How does literature allow us to experience the interior of minds? How does it let us feel the way one mind becomes permeated by other minds?  Professor Sophie Volpp’s spring course, CL190, is framed as a senior seminar but is open to students at all levels with an interest in literature.

    Comp Lit (Chair Miryam Sas): What led you to want to teach this class?

    Professor Volpp: I decided to teach this class after a debate in one of my seminars between two students.   (more…)

  • What is Free Indirect Discourse Now?

    by Dora Zhang

    Comparative Literature Professor Dora Zhang gives us a brief overview excerpted from her presentation at the November 29 symposium on the subject.

    The origins of free indirect discourse are disputed. Cases in classical and medieval literature have been proposed but they are usually subject to debate. The history of the style, however, seems to gain greater clarity as it goes on. (more…)

  • Eribon Event

    “A line of thinking we could really use to hear right now”

    Featured resource: Michael Lucey’s translation of Eribon’s memoir, Returning To Reims

    Three prominent French intellectuals and writers recently visited the Department of Comparative Literature, along with the French Department and the Program in Critical Theory. (more…)

  • Barbara Spackman Receives Distinguished Teaching Award

    Listen here to the words spoken by Dean Anthony Cascardi upon presenting the award, along with a few words from Barbara… (more…)