TuWTh 1:00-3:30 235 Dwinelle Instructor: Simona Schneider

Session D July 2nd – August 10th

This course will explore the theme of nature, including the breakdown of natural cycles in modern experience such as climate change, through representations offered in film and poetry. We will ask how these art forms call attention to rhythm, cycles, ritual, repetition, and spontaneity in relation to the man-made world of narrative. Scholarly texts will offer theoretical and historical lenses for problematizing the idea of the “natural.” Along the way, we will also consider questions of genre, style, and technological developments in film and analogous formal innovations in poetry.

This course satisfies part B of the University’s Reading and Composition requirement. You will learn tools for the analysis of film and poetry and complete the steps involved in writing a research paper. Assignments will build upon and expand your writing and analytical skills, including close-reading, argumentation, and developing a thesis.

Possible poems and films may include:

The Shape of Water Guillermo del Torro 

Grizzly Man Werner Herzog

Wild Child François Truffaut 

Leviathan Lucien Castaing-Taylor and Verena Pavel 

Late Spring Yasujiru Ozu 

The Seasons Artavazd Peleshian 

The Forgotten Space Alan Sekula & Noel Burch 

Nine Muses John Akimfroh