Reading and Composition (R&C)

R1B.001: “Pics, or it didn’t happen”? Photography, Literature, Memory

Session D, July 8-August 16, TWTh 10:30 am -1:00 pm 204 Dwinelle

This summer session is dedicated the relation between literature, photography, and personal and collective memory. Do photographs help us remember the past? Are they a proof of the past? When can they testify to past historical and personal events, when do they serve as evidence, and when do they blur what happened? » read more »

Course Catalog Number: 14202


W 60AC: Literature of American Cultures

Boroughs and Barrios: Moving In & Through New York City and Los Angeles

Session C 06/24/19-08/16/19 Online Instructor: Karina Palau

Online course

The Statue of Liberty with welcome torch always raised. The Hollywood sign against golden California hills. Subways and freeways running like arteries above and below ground, offering to transport us around and across the city. Many iconic images of New York City and Los Angeles construct U.S. urban centers as a space of endless movement and possibility. Physically, New York and Los Angeles spread across the map and encompass multiple neighborhoods and communities, seemingly facilitating our ability to access, explore, and find new connections. » read more »

Course Catalog Number: 16102

N 60AC.002: Topics in the Literature of American Cultures

Foundling America

Session D, July 8-August 16, TWTh 12:30-3pm 228 Dwinelle Instructor: Cory Merrill

Three incommensurable claims form the basis of America’s origin stories: America was found; America was founded; America was self-made. From Columbus’s ‘discovery’ of America to the Pilgrims’ settlement, from the Sons of Liberty to the Founding Fathers, the dominant stories of America’s cultural founding draw heavily from contradictory themes of finding, abandoning, and founding one’s roots. » read more »

Course Catalog Number: 13545

N 60AC.001: Topics in the Literature of American Cultures

Utopian Creature Science: American Cultures through Science Fiction

Session D, July 8-August 16 TWTh 3-5:30 106 Dwinelle Instructor: Howard Fisher

“I’ve seen justice for all genders and classes and sexualities, and it was as alien to me as the extra-terrestrial creatures who practiced it. This image of justice sprang from my own imagination, taking place on another planet, in another time, for a species of people very unlike humans. It took science fiction for me to see a clear picture of what justice could be. And at the end of the day, that’s all it was – fiction.”

Maisha Johnson, “What Good is Science Fiction to Black People?” Black Girl Dangerous, 21 Oct. 2014, accessed 15 Mar. 2017.

This course will trace an American tradition of science and utopian fiction writing from the antebellum period to the present. » read more »

Course Catalog Number: 13544

156AC: Fiction and Culture of the Americas

Sounding American: Literature, Music, Technology, and Race

Session C (06/24/19-08/16/19) Online Instructor: Tom McEnaney

What is meant when we say someone or something “sounds American”? Can a person sound like a certain gender, social class, sexuality, or race? How would we possibly define that sound? And what might it mean to think of a culture by the ways it sounds and listens, instead of how it looks or sees? This course will explore these questions and others by studying podcasts, poems, songs, novels, and the changing forms of sonic technologies like microphones, radios, mp3s, turntables, and more. » read more »

Course Catalog Number: 15701