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N 60AC.002: Topics in the Literature of American Cultures

Foundling America

TWTh 12:30-3pm Instructor: Cory Merrill

Three incommensurable claims form the basis of America’s origin stories: America was found; America was founded; America was self-made. From Columbus’s ‘discovery’ of America to the Pilgrims’ settlement, from the Sons of Liberty to the Founding Fathers, the dominant stories of America’s cultural founding draw heavily from contradictory themes of finding, abandoning, and founding one’s roots. » read more »

Course Catalog Number: 13545

N 60AC.001: Topics in the Literature of American Cultures

Utopian Creature Science: American Cultures through Science Fiction

TWTh 3-5:30 Instructor: Howard Fisher

“I’ve seen justice for all genders and classes and sexualities, and it was as alien to me as the extra-terrestrial creatures who practiced it. This image of justice sprang from my own imagination, taking place on another planet, in another time, for a species of people very unlike humans. It took science fiction for me to see a clear picture of what justice could be. And at the end of the day, that’s all it was – fiction.”

Maisha Johnson, “What Good is Science Fiction to Black People?” Black Girl Dangerous, 21 Oct. 2014, accessed 15 Mar. 2017.

This course will trace an American tradition of science and utopian fiction writing from the antebellum period to the present. » read more »

Course Catalog Number: 13544