Reading and Composition (R&C)

R1B.001: Taking A Break: Vacations, Holidays, and Festivities in Literature

Tu/W/Th 10:00-12:30 123 Dwinelle Instructor: Jane Raisch

CL R1B.01, Session A
TWT 10:00am-12:30pm
123 Dwinelle
CCN: 28205
Jane Raisch

Studying about vacation – during vacation – can sound like a contradiction. We think of vacations as escapes from study, as existing separately from our lives as students. But, as we all know too well, sometimes these two worlds necessarily collide and in this class we’ll develop oral and written tools of analysis to help us understand and come to terms with what it means to be on vacation. Does vacation require something exceptional: travel, beaches, family and/or friends? » read more »

Course Catalog Number: 28205

R1B.002: Fan Fiction, Fiction Fans

Tu/W/Th 03:00-05:30 123 Dwinelle Instructor: Marianne Kaletzky

CL R1B.02, Session D
TWT, 3:00-5:30pm
123 Dwinelle
CCN: 28210
Marianne Kaletsky

Fandom gets a bad name in the academic world. Literary scholars pride themselves on their analytical approach to, and critical distance from, works already recognized as high art. Fans, on the other hand, throw themselves into the least esteemed genres and forms. » read more »

Course Catalog Number: 28210


N 60AC: Topics in the Literature of American Cultures

Questions of Character in American Fiction

Tu/W/Th 10:00-12:30 283 Dwinelle Instructor: Laura Wagner

CL N60AC.01, Session A
TWT 10:00am-12:30pm
283 Dwinelle
CCN: 28215
Laura Wagner

Fiction is full of characters who exert a pull on their readers: those in whom we see versions of ourselves, those we hate to love or love to hate, and those who remain forever inscrutable no matter how hard we try to get inside their thoughts and feelings.   » read more »

Course Catalog Number: 28215

N 60AC: Topics in the Literature of American Cultures

Take It Like a Man: Masculinity in America

Tu/W/Th/10:00-12:30 87 Dwinelle Instructor: Katie Kadue

CL N60AC.03, Session D
TWT , 10:00am-12:30pm
87 Dwinelle
CCN: 28225
Katie Kadue

From cowboys to captains of industry, from old-money gentlemen to new-world adventurers, from uniformed soldiers to mold-breaking mavericks, Americans have long looked up to masculine heroes. Meanwhile, those who fail to conform to conventional standards of masculinity – effete intellectuals and stay-at-home dads, cuckolded husbands and 40-year-old virgins – earn society’s mockery and scorn. In this course, we’ll ask how assumptions about masculinity (and femininity) inform representations of men in texts, films, songs, and images, and what contradictions complicate them. » read more »

Course Catalog Number: 28230

N 60AC: Topics in the Literature of American Cultures

The History of Tears: American Melodrama

Tu/W/Th 04:00-06:30 179 Dwinelle Instructor: Current Graduate Students

N60AC.02, Session D
TWT , 4-6:30pm
179 Dwinelle
CCN: 28220
Ramsey McGlazer

“Who will write the history of tears?” – Roland Barthes

Melodramas traffic in heightened emotions, stylized gestures, schmaltzy scores, and undeveloped characters.  They center on broken hearts and broken homes, and they tell stories punctuated by contrived meetings, missed encounters, sudden reversals of fortune, and sentimental scenes of revelation, recognition, reunion, rescue, and irretrievable loss.  » read more »

Course Catalog Number: 28220