Enrique Lima

Professor Lima works on the theory and history of the novel in the Americas. Other interests include American Studies, Latin American Studies, narrative theory, and the theory of the novel. Professor Lima is visiting from the University of Oregon and will be teaching courses in Comparative Literature for the 11-12 Academic Year.

Curriculum Vitae


“The Uneven Development of the Bildungsroman: D’Arcy McNickle and the Indigenous Periphery of Capitalist Modernity.” Forthcoming in Comparative Literature.

“Of Horizons and Epistemology: Problems in the Visuality of Knowledge.” Diacritics 33.3-4 (2003): 19-35.

“Kamau Brathwaite and T.S. Eliot: Inter-Dependencies of Metropolitan and Post-Colonial Texts.” For the Geography of a Soul: Emerging Perspectives on Kamau Brathwaite. Ed. Timothy J. Reiss. Trenton: Africa World Press, 2001. 129-134

Office: 534 Barrows Hall